Husband and Wife

I’m a wife. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the fact that I’m a mother now that I can forget it. Matt and I spend so much time as Mummy and Daddy that it’s so easy not to think of each other as husband and wife. When Lyra came along she turned our world upside down (in the best way possible) and this past year has been one constant period of adjustment. This parenting gig has such a steep learning curve and requires so much of our attention, that time for Matt and I to hang out together has all but disappeared. Even after Lyra has gone to bed and we flop down on the sofa together more often than not conversation will find its way round to our daughter. And that’s a wonderful thing. The love that we have for our little girl has only caused our love for each other to grow as well.

Now that we’re almost out of the first year of being parents I’m starting to feel a little more clear headed though. We’ve (pretty much) got the hang of being Lyra’s Mum and Dad and we’re also finding ourselves with a little bit more time together. And so, I want to grab any opportunity to be with Matt and nurture our marriage. It may be a date night or it might just be a few stolen minutes together but I’ll cherish them all. The pictures in this post were all taken on our recent trip to Center Parcs. Lyra was with her Grandparents for half an hour and Matt and I decided to goof off with the underwater camera for half an hour. It was silly and fun, we laughed our heads off and it inspired this post so I had to include the photos.

Lyra is the greatest thing to ever happen to us but our marriage is the foundation of this family. Our marriage has to be strong in order for the whole family to be happy and so I’ll never feel guilty if we leave Lyra with family to spend time together as husband and wife. We’re always happy to get back to our daughter but I’ll also cherish those moments when I can hang out with my husband. I hope that never changes.

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