Getting Messy with Paints…

I like to think that I’m pretty laid back about mess. When I used to daydream about having a child it would always include some sort of muddy walk through the countryside or baking or crafting scenario. So, I’ve been keen to get Lyra involved with paints etc. from a really young age as I didn’t want to limit her based on how much cleaning I’d have to do afterwards. And so, when I was planning Matt’s birthday and thought of a cute way to get Lyra involved in the present wrapping I was excited not nervous. Even when I bought gold wrapping paper and thought black paint would go nicest with it, I didn’t bat an eyelid. I didn’t think it through.

It was a crazy, messy, morning! I mean really messy. Of course Lyra didn’t want to stay sat on the bin bags I’d put down to stop the paint getting everywhere. And since I’d stripped her off before we started she had plenty of bare skin to paint. And I didn’t really consider how I’d manage to run a bath for her whilst trying to discourage her from painting the toilet. And I didn’t think she’d immediately make a break for the hallway carpet the minute she got any paint on her hands. It was crazy, messy, and oh so much fun! I found myself just laughing at the situation I’d gotten myself into. I sat back and just took some photos as Lyra went a little wild. Sure, it took a while to clean it all up and I must admit I cursed myself for my ‘stupid’ idea but I’m so glad I did it. The photos and memories make me smile and Lyra really enjoyed herself. So often in this parenting gig what you imagined doesn’t live up to the reality. This was no exception. It really was so much messier and more stressful than I’d pictured it but I’m still really glad I did it. Matt loved his hand painted gift tags as well so I’d definitely consider it a success even if I’m still finding little splodges of black paint here and there.


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