Documenting us in February

I set myself a little challenge in January to try and be a little more purposeful in taking photos of Lyra with other people. Namely Matt and I. This post is so overdue. We’re almost in April now but I think I’ve been reluctant to post this because I failed massively in February. I feel so rubbish writing that as it’s only the second month but I’m hoping it will get easier as the months go on. I did manage to get a few nice photos of little moments between Matt and Lyra but since I’m usually the one behind the camera I need to be a little pushier about getting photos of Lyra with me. We’ll get there though, I’m determined!

Although I didn’t manage to get many photos with a proper camera, I have taken quite a few with my phone so at least that’s an improvement. I love looking at the ones I’ve taken of Lyra and I and that just makes me feel even sadder that I didn’t manage any ‘proper’ pictures this month. Oh well, March is another month and I know that I’ve actually managed to get a couple already so that’s a definite improvement.

You can see my previous attempts here.

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