47 and 48 Weeks Old.

Two more weeks have passed already. How is that even possible?! We’re now just four weeks away from Lyra turning one and I’ve got to admit that I’m pretty excited about it. When I look at photos of her now I can really see the baby starting to disappear and I love this cute (slightly crazy) toddler that is starting to emerge.

Lyra has started ‘dancing’ and it makes my heart explode every time she does it. Well, she wiggles her bum and shoulders if we have some music on and she’s standing up. I’m pretty sure it’s dancing but it’s cute regardless. She’s still not standing unsupported but will ‘walk’ around when we’re holding her hands. She seems to be close to doing everything but we’ll see, I’m not really stressing about it.

We went to Center Parcs for Matt’s birthday and once again Lyra did really well with being taken out of her routine. She slept through the night every night we were away (even sleeping through a fire alarm) and I’m happy to say she’s kept it up since coming back home. I don’t think it will last though and has probably got more to do with her being ill and teething again than anything else. A new tooth has just cut through the gum on the bottom bringing her total number of teeth to five now and I’m pretty sure another one isn’t too far away. I just hope it comes quickly as Lyra always seems to get a cold when she’s teething and it is not a good combination!

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