45 and 46 Weeks Old.

I keep finding myself posting these updates later and later each week. I just keep seeing that number creep higher and higher and we’re getting ever closer to 52 weeks. I just can’t believe that we’re just six weeks off from Lyra turning one!

Anyway, Lyra has changed so much these last couple of weeks. I headed to my parent’s for a few days last week and Lyra was the perfect little travel companion. We had to take a two hour train journey and she was a delight the whole way. We ate out a couple of times, her routine went out the window and she had to share a room with me. She took it all in her stride. Well, apart from the sleep part as she ending up sharing the bed with me most of the night and nursing more than usual. Oh well, can’t have it all.

Food remains one of Lyra’s favourite things. In the past few weeks she’s developed a love affair with cream cheese, especially on rice cakes or with bread sticks. In the past two weeks she’s tried tomatoes, lasagne, egg mayonnaise and goats cheese! She will try everything she’s given and is yet to refuse anything although fruit definitely remains her favourite.

Lyra is getting stronger and stronger at standing. It doesn’t feel like she needs to hold on to us any more although she has yet to let go of us. Most of the time she likes to just rest one hand on us whilst she’s standing and grabbing at things she shouldn’t with the other hand! She can walk across the room with her walker but is not really interested in walking any other way yet. She waves at everybody and loves when we sing to her. She is much more noisy now, and often babbles away even saying mamama but it’s never really in context. I can’t wait until she uses it properly Basically Lyra is just super fun at the moment and I am loving this stage!

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