Special Places: Dyrham Park

 A couple of days ago I wrote a post here about places that are special to me and why but I felt that Dyrham Park deserved a post all of it’s own. After Matt and I had been dating for almost a year he bought me a National Trust membership. It is, hands down, the best gift he has ever bought me, and actually still buys me as he renews it every year. Thanks Matt!

I think that Matt first decided to buy me a membership after the amount of fun we had on our very first trip to Dyrham Park. It was a lovely sunny day, we took a picnic and just spent hours wandering around. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary but it felt so special. It wasn’t the first National Trust place we’d visited and we’ve been to loads since but Dyrham Park remains the most special to us.

One of the reasons I love going to Dyrham Park is of course for our little tradition of taking a similar photo of us under the same tree a few times a year. This has become one of my favourite traditions and that’s saying a lot coming from someone who loves traditions as much as me!

It’s not just that though. There’s just something about Dyrham Park. Because it’s so big it never feels crowded and often feels like it’s your private domain. That feeling, combined with the fresh air and the wonderful views always makes me feel refreshed and has led to some of the best conversations between Matt and I. Without the stresses and disturbances of everyday life we walk along hand in hand discussing the big things, the little things and nothing at all. Once upon a time we talked about ourselves as we fell in love, we planned our wedding and discussed what it would be like to bring our children. We even decided on names for Lyra on a visit whilst I was pregnant.

Photo Credit: Naomi Jane Photography

Photo Credit: Naomi Jane Photography

Now as I walk around, I always remember these conversations and can’t help but feel ever so grateful that life turned out as it did. Now we carry Lyra around as we walk hand in hand. We talk about our hopes and dreams for her future. I know that we’ll have picnics here as a family, we’ll run around with Lyra, roll down hills and introduce her to the wonders of the natural world. We’ll get red cheeked, muddy, runny nosed and probably sunburnt here.

Today we are lucky enough to get the opportunity to plant a tree at Dyrham Park. I can’t begin to express how much it means to me and my little family. I feel I have the best of both worlds when it comes to Dyrham Park, I have all of these memories from the beginning of mine and Matt’s relationship tied up in the place but it is also filled with all of the possibilities and potential of the future.

So today whilst we’re walking around I’ll be thinking of all the great times we’ve had there and dreaming of all the ones yet to come. And that’s what makes Dyrham Park a special place to me

We are being gifted our tree but with no obligation to blog or write about it in any way. The words and passion I have for Dyrham Park are entirely my own.

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  1. 18th February 2015 / 8:14 am

    How lovely is this??! Finally I understand it!! I love the tree pictures – as you know! – did you do self timer on all of those? Me and the OH also got our first membership as a couple at Dyrham back in 2001 when we were in our early days of our relationship – little did we know back then we would be back with two little ones! On a completely different note I also have to say how much I love your hair cuts and colour changes 😉 x

    • 18th February 2015 / 9:59 am

      Thanks! I used self timer on most of them but if there's someone else with us that day I definitely get them to take it. I always feel so silly running back to jump in the picture, anyone who sees me must think I'm crazy! That's so nice that you've always visited in your relationship too, do you find very different going with your little ones now?
      I know, Matt doesn't look like he's changed at all but I always seem to change my hair! x

  2. 18th February 2015 / 1:24 pm

    Oh definitely different now…there was a stage we never went in the house but now they are interested in that. A lot more hanging around the old lodge play area too! But so good that the Trust in whole are involving and investing in all of the family now 🙂

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