Letter to Lyra: On this Day

 Dear little Lyra,

Today you are 41 weeks and 4 days old. That means that you’ve been earthside for exactly the same amount of time that you were growing inside of me. I look at you now and I find it so hard to believe that you’re that same sleepy newborn that was placed on my chest all those months ago. Now you are such a ball of energy and you’re constantly making your Daddy and I laugh with your antics.

Time is such a funny thing. I felt that the nine or so months that you were growing inside me went so slowly, not to mention the 11 days past your due date which felt like about a month on their own! However these nine months that you have been with us have passed in the blink of an eye. Never have I been more grateful to be such a picture taking addict as I can now look back at photos of little, newborn you. Little, newborn you who slept all day, who would coo and smile up at us and who could fit easily in my arms without her legs dangling down.

Sometimes it feels like you were only just born but at the same time I feel like you’ve always been here with us, a part of our little family. And in a way you have. This is where you belong, you made me a mother and you made us a family.

I have countless little memories of you from your life so far and I can’t wait to create more. Because time is still hurtling by and as much as I enjoyed little baby Lyra I am so excited to see what come next. I can’t wait for walking, talking Lyra. To see more of your little personality emerge.

These past nine months have been some of the best of my life and I feel so blessed that I have countless more to look forward to with you.

I love you Lyra Josephine,

Very Much So xx

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