Letter to Lyra: Hopes and Dreams


Dear little Lyra,

Last week we did something really special. We headed to our favourite place, Dyrham Park, and we planted a tree for you. We had such a lovely day and your tree is in such a beautiful spot, that I’m already so excited to go back and visit it with you again.

You see, to us that tree is so very special. Both you and your tree are very similar. At the moment you’re both so small and new but you’re also filled with so much potential. I hope and I hope that you both grow big and strong. And, do you know something Lyra? I hope that you learn something from this little tree of yours.

I hope you learn that your roots are important but to never stop reaching for the sky. I hope that you learn patience and the ability to weather different seasons in your life. I hope that you grow to realise in life sometimes you need to stand firm like the tree’s trunk and other times you need to be flexible like it’s branches. I hope that you learn to spot which is needed in each situation (because this is something I still struggle with).

But most of all, when you look at your tree, I hope that you always know how much you are loved.

Because we really do love you Lyra Josephine,
Very Much So xx



We were very kindly gifted our tree but with no obligation to blog or write
about it in any way. The words and passion I have for Dyrham Park are
entirely my own.
To read more about our tree planting and to find out more about planting your own commemorative tree at Dyrham Park head here.


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  1. 19th February 2015 / 9:22 pm

    What beautiful words for your lovely little Lyra. I need to get back to the park soon and find those carvings! Completely missed them last week!!?!

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