Documenting Us in January

After deciding that I was going to join in with the Me and Mine linky this year I started thinking about what sort of photos I want to take. What sort of memories I want to document for myself and also for Lyra to look back on. Ultimately I want her to see how much she was loved and how happy we tried to make her childhood. I want her to know that both Matt and I were there for her, to comfort her, to entertain her and to love her.

So I thought I’d set myself a little challenge for the year. Just a little reminder really to take a couple of photos every month of Lyra with her Daddy and Lyra with her Mummy. So Matt and I can see ourselves grow as parents, to see our individual bonds with Lyra strengthen and so that one day she can look back at them and know that both of us loved her very much.

These are my January photos. I’m going to try and post on the first of every month showing pictures from the month before. Fingers crossed that I can manage it. I only decided to set myself this challenge a few days ago so I had to look back through my photos from January to find some of us both with Lyra. The only ones of Lyra and I that I could find were these selfies and the picture of Matt and Lyra below came off of my phone. I think these just highlight the need for me to push myself to make more of an effort. I’m excited about this little project, I can’t wait to take February’s pictures. 

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  1. 2nd February 2015 / 2:42 pm

    Beautiful photos! I can't wait to see February's!

    I need to make more of an effort to get in pictures with the children rather than just taking them! I don't want them to think I wasn't there!

  2. 6th February 2015 / 7:14 pm

    Thanks! That's what I'm worried about as well, I want Lyra to know that I was on all of these fun trips with her! x

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