44 Weeks Old.

I’m not sure what to write for this weeks update. Sleep and food are the same as usual and although Lyra hasn’t learnt any brand new tricks I feel that she’s still changing all of the time. We headed down to Dorset for the weekend and Lyra coped really well with the change of routine and environment. She was ill unfortunately but still spent most of the weekend as her usual happy self. We went down for a Christening of the son of one of our closest friends. I’m godmother to their daughter and was lucky enough to receive the same honour for their son. They live overseas at the moment so this was the first time we’d met little baby Harry and Lyra was so sweet with him, even giving him a kiss at one point! There’s only six months between them so I can’t wait to see them grow up together.

Despite the grumpy face in the photo Lyra has been pretty happy this week. She’s giving kisses more and more which is the sweetest thing ever. She waves at everyone and does this really cute thing where she tilts her head when looking at you. Always makes me smile!

We managed to get out and about more this week as we had a couple of sunny days and it makes me so excited for summer. I’m longing for long, warm days in the park and garden.

You can read my past updates from Lyra’s first year here.

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