41 Weeks Old.

This photo definitely sums up our week. It was a tough one. Lyra’s two top teeth are still coming through (we hate teething) although one has definitely cut and is making it’s way down now. I was pretty shocked at the size of it to be honest having not looked at too many baby teeth in my time. It looks so much bigger than the bottom ones! Lyra and I have also had colds this week which has meant that we haven’t ventured out of the house too much which always leaves both of us a little grumpier than usual.

Despite all of this we have had some fun as well. Lyra has started putting blocks back in her box which I was super excited to see. Well, she tips all of the blocks out first, puts two or three back in and then forgets what she is doing and takes them back out again. It is so amazing to see her mind working though. She seems to be trying to figure out everything.

Today for the first time she crawled back to me when she was upset and climbed into my lap which pretty much turned my heart to mush. Usually she’ll sit and cry until I go and pick her up but she looked around to find me and then made her way over. It was so nice to know that she seeks me out for comfort.

Sleep has stayed pretty good this week with most nights having one or no wake ups for feeds. In fact nursing is decreasing at a rapid rate, she’s much too interested in food or worried about missing out whilst she nurses. I’m not ready for our breastfeeding journey to end so I’m hoping she wants to keep going for a little longer.

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