Wicked Wednesday: 14th January

I was cooking Lyra some lunch this week, turned around and saw her sat in the corner of the kitchen. Thinking that she was just being a little weird, I took a photo and sent it to my husband (as you do). After taking the photo I got a little closer and that’s when I saw it. She was tearing the wallpaper off! Little rascal.

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  1. 14th January 2015 / 10:48 am

    Oh yes, when they're being extra quiet, that is when it is time to worry! Your poor wall!

  2. 14th January 2015 / 11:53 am

    Do do do..just minding my own business, tearing off wallpaper!! Love it!

  3. 14th January 2015 / 12:27 pm

    Haha this is the reason why I am worried if my son is quiet =P #wickedwednesday

  4. 14th January 2015 / 8:02 pm

    Oh dear, they're always upto something when its too quiet xx

  5. 14th January 2015 / 8:48 pm

    Uh-Oh! They're always up to something when they're quiet….hehehe x

  6. 15th January 2015 / 10:02 pm

    I have just decorated the hallway after Harry decided to pull the paper off in there!! Haha little monkey!

  7. 18th January 2015 / 12:02 pm

    GAH! Oh I would have gone mad! I have noticed biro on our love coffee table. I am choosing to turn a blind eye. This time. Thanks so much for linking up to #wickedwednesdays and can't to see what you have got lined up for next week! x

  8. 30th January 2015 / 12:52 am

    aargh, I'm terrified my little one will do this, ripping paper is her new 'thing'! x

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