Adventures in Fatherhood: Holding the Baby

The second hardest part of the day was producing this chronicle of this
my first day as part time house husband. For
some reason I am suffering
from a case of writers block. Paralysed and unable to put down in words
the feelings and thoughts that Monday’s little adventure generated. So I
am going a little meta and writing here about being unable to write in
the hopes that the words continue to flow
and I can corral my thoughts into something solid and meaningful.

The hardest part of the day was watching Amy
walk out the door, down the path and through our front gate. Tears were
shed by both of us. Lyra was happy and oblivious. It is/was for the best
that Amy and I made the very difficult decision
for her to return to work. She has explained her thoughts here
so I won’t reiterate them. I knew the day was fast approaching but the
hustle and bustle of Christmas made the actual day seem to appear out of
nowhere and here we were with the roles reversed.
I was left holding the baby and Amy was out of the house ‘winning the
I wasn’t in full house husband mode today though
as I was ostensibly ‘working from home’. I had risen early so that I
could login remotely to the office soon after 7am and get a solid couple
of hours of work done. As it turns out Lyra was
a dream today and I managed to actually be quite productive. I think Lyra
appreciated a bit of quiet time after several days of having the house
full with both her parents and various grandparents. She played on the
sitting room floor with two of her new noisy
electronic ‘educational’ toys. She certainly has got the hang of
pressing the buttons and lifting the flaps to make different sounds.
However I doubt that at this stage she is actually learning about
numbers and colours, though you never know she may be absorbing
the information as she sits there bashing the buttons etc.
About 10.15 she got grumbly like she needed a
nap so I fastened on the Ergo, scooped Lyra up and bundled her in. I
haven’t had lots of experience with different babies but I’m pretty sure
that Lyra must be one of the worst nappers. She
resists with all her willpower, however she will usually fall asleep
readily if you take her for a walk in the buggy and wearing her in the
house in the Ergo is a good fallback if going out isn’t an option. Her
nap lasted a long time, normally she’ll last
no longer tahn 30 minutes or so, but she was still going strong at
11am. Then I jinxed it by deciding to text Amy with an update to let her
know everything was great and that Lyra was having a nice long nap.
Literally less than a couple of minutes after I
pressed send Lyra woke up. How could she have known? The rest of the
day went according to plan. I got work done in between a snack, a little
play, lunch, more play and another nap in the early afternoon.
Unfortunately the peace and calm of the day was
to be shattered. I’d agreed with Amy that Lyra and I would pick her up
from work, but this meant waking Lyra from her nap and she was not happy
about that at all. To make matters worse not
only had mean daddy woken her up but he was now forcing her to put on a
coat and then strapping her into the car seat! Unbelievable.
In my hyper preparedness I had jumped the gun a
little and it looked like we’d get to Amy’s workplace much too soon so I
drove path and took a circuitous route back, this gave Lyra a chance to
return to sleeping. I parked the car, Lyra and
I arrived at the door right on time.

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