40 Weeks Old.

40 weeks?! 40 weeks?! There’s only 12 more until Lyra is one. That is crazy! Although after this week it doesn’t surprise me too much. There’s just something about Lyra now, she just seems older. Like she’s shedding her baby-ness. She does not stay still any more, instead preferring to be constantly on the go. When she’s in a good mood she is an absolute joy to be around, giggling away and interacting with you, but when she’s in a bad mood beware. Anything and everything winds her up and nothing keeps her happy once she has decided that she’s unhappy.

We’ve definitely seen both sides of her this week. Crawling is her favourite thing ever followed closely by standing up. Lyra can now cruise along the furniture quite quickly although she has yet to learn how to get back down. She’s quick to pull herself up only to cry when she’s had enough and realises that she can’t sit back down on her own although once I help her down she crawls straight over to something new and pulls herself up again. And we repeat this. All day long.

Her top two teeth are still (very slowly) coming in. Most of the time they’re no longer bothering her but we have had to resort to calpol a couple of times at bedtime when they do really seem to hurt her. Sleep is much better this week, with her only waking a couple of times a night. To be honest it would probably be less but I tend to bring her in with us in the middle of the night when she wants to feed and then when she wakes up again she just wants to be in her cot. I need to just get in the habit of feeding her in her room but I know it will take a couple of nights to get her used to it so I keep putting it off.  Maybe this week.

(It’s getting harder and harder to get Lyra to stay still for these photos hence the rubber duck in this photo. Hey, whatever works!)

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