Those Inevitable ‘Off Days’

This time last year one of my favourite pastimes was imagining what life would be like when the baby that I was growing joined our little family. I daydreamed about going out for walks with them, cuddling up and reading them a book, and introducing them to some of my favourite places. Something that I didn’t devote much time to was thinking about those inevitable ‘off days’. I kind of knew that they would happen but, lets face it, it’s much more fun to think about our little ones learning to smile and crawl and walk. Well after almost eight months with Lyra I know a lot more about those off days.

As I’ve mentioned on here a couple of times, we’ve all been sick with colds. I haven’t spent much time on my blog as these past two weeks have been my biggest test as a parent so far. It’s horrible to see your child unhappy and poorly and Lyra has really struggled with being bunged up and with a nasty chesty cough. For some strange reason I’d never considered the fact that I could be sick at the same time as her! Eurgh, being a Mum when your head is throbbing, you can’t stop sneezing, and can’t get warm is not fun. I just wanted a sick day but as all you other Mums out there know that is not possible.

I think the lowest point was when I’d brought Lyra into bed with me in the middle of the night, kicking Matt out in the process so he could get a good nights sleep (he had to go to work the next day), and tried to nurse Lyra and settle her. After about an hour of this she was still screaming and then suddenly she throws up all over my bed! I had to wake up Matt, pass Lyra to him and change my bed at 3am, I felt like crying as I was ill and tired myself. Instead I just had to suck it up and take Lyra downstairs as there was no chance she’d go back to sleep at that point.

Some days really test you and the day following that early morning wake up was definitely one of those. I got through it though and I have to admit that once I’d caught up on some sleep I felt really proud of myself. This parenting journey is transforming me and I’m learning so much about myself as well as this wonderful little girl that I am lucky to call my daughter.

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