Lyra’s First Christmas: The Tree

Last weekend we finally got a chance to put up the Christmas tree. I had such high hopes for our tree this year as it was Lyra’s first, I really wanted to get a real tree and make it extra special. Since Lyra started moving around this week and since she wants to pick up every little crumb from the floor and put it in her mouth we made the decision to stick with an artificial one. I must admit I was a little disappointed but in the end I don’t think it really matters. I’ll get my real tree one year but I needed to be practical so this year was not the year.

Matt took a half days holiday as I also envisaged us putting the tree up whilst Lyra sat there loving life and watching us. It would of course be festive and magical and we’d be done before any of us got bored. Please don’t laugh! This obviously didn’t happen. Lyra wanted to be in everything, she wanted to eat everything and so three hours later we only had the bare tree up and decided to wait until Lyra was in bed before decorating it. It may not have been how I imagined but I really enjoyed decorating the tree with Matt and imaging how Lyra would react when she saw it. I know, I know. I cannot stop my self from daydreaming about and romanticising life with children, haha.

For once the real life experience lived up to my daydreams! When we turned the lights on for the first time she was captivated. It was magical, I loved it. Watching her reaching up to play with the baubles gave me my first little glimpse of seeing the magic of Christmas through the eyes of my daughter and I can’t wait for more. Here are a few more photos of Lyra meeting her first Christmas tree…

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