Lyra’s First Christmas: Traditions

I can’t believe how excited I am for Christmas this year! All through the Christmas celebrations last year I kept imagining what it would be like this year with a little one. What I didn’t imagine was that we’d all be sick for pretty much all of the first half of December! But we’re starting to feel better now so my thoughts are turning to Christmas and I can’t wait!

We thought that Lyra’s first Christmas would be a good time to introduce some new traditions as well as continuing a few that Matt and I started when we began dating. We love a good tradition in our little family so what better time to indulge in some than Christmas?!

Christmas Eve Box
When I was little my brother and I would always receive a new book on Christmas Eve and it’s one of my favourite little festive memories. After seeing a lot of Christmas Eve boxes floating around on blogs and instagram I thought I’d expand on my own childhood tradition and create a little box of our own. Nothing fancy but it includes some new pyjamas, a Christmas themed book, a festive DVD and a bath bomb. Hopefully the makings of a calm Christmas Eve. As Lyra gets older I’ll probably include some hot chocolate or something as well but that’s about it.

New Decorations
Matt and I have been choosing a new decoration to add to the tree every year that we’ve spent Christmas together. Last year we made one that included our ultrasound photos and this year we have a couple of ‘baby’s first Christmas’ baubles. I’d like to continue doing this and then as Lyra gets older she can pick her own special one as well.

Selfie in a Bauble
This is a silly little tradition that Matt and I have started on our first Christmas together. These pictures always bring a smile to my face so we’ll definitely have to continue this through the years. I know it’s going to be difficult to get Lyra to cooperate though!

Making a Tree Topper
We bought a new tree and decorations this year but have been unable to find a tree topper that we liked. Matt and I had talked about making a new one each year with Lyra when she was older but since we hadn’t found one to buy I thought we’d start this new little tradition this year. I love our little ‘Lyra fairy’ so much that it may be difficult to part with her! 

I’m sure we’ll start more traditions this year without even realising it! What do you think of the ones we have? Do you have any little Christmas traditions that you love? I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. 1st January 2015 / 7:37 pm

    I love your traditions, especially the make your own tree topper – I never thought of doing that – Lyra Fairy will definitely be hard to part with!

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