35 Weeks Old

This was the week that Lyra refused to look at the camera, haha. Oh well, it was bound to happen at one point. I also had to give her a toy to keep her distracted long enough to take a photo so I have no idea how I’m going to get these photos once she really starts crawling!

This week Lyra met Father Christmas and she didn’t cry, success! Lyra and I have also eaten out quite a lot this week which always seems to be the case when you get close to Christmas. Lyra is always such a dream when we’re eating out and for that I am so grateful. I think it’s because she likes feeling part of it so when she’s sat in a high chair at a table full of people she’s happy. It doesn’t hurt that everyone gives her food off of their plate. That is pretty much Lyra’s dream!

Since we have been spending a lot of time with other people I’ve noticed a change in Lyra’s behaviour. She seems to be really content and happy when everyone is around but as soon as we have a day just the two of us she’s so clingy. I guess she may be worried that I’ll leave as well or something but it’s making getting ready for Christmas pretty difficult.

I also received my back to work date this week and it’s really close! I’m still processing it all and I’m not sure how to feel but I will write a full post on it nearer the time. So that’s it really this week, we’re just preparing for Lyra’s first Christmas!

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