34 Weeks Old.

We are all feeling much better this week, hurrah! I can’t believe how long that cold stuck around for but at least it’s (almost) gone now and we can turn our thoughts towards Christmas. We’ve started getting ready for Lyra’s first Christmas and we are having so much fun about it. We’ve almost finished all of our present shopping and we’ve made a good dent in the food shopping as well. We put our Christmas tree up this week and took Lyra to Bath Christmas market so lots of nice festive activities! I tried to get Lyra to wear the Christmas pudding hat that her Grandma knitted her but she enjoyed pulling it off of her head too much so you can just about see her holding it instead. The leggings she’s wearing in the picture have a snowman on the bum as well so its quite a festive little outfit.

Lyra’s appetite has come back this week and I am so glad to see it! She’s been trying anything and everything that I’ve given her and making lots of cute yum noises. So much better than seeing her throw it all on the floor! Her favourite food this week has probably been banana pancakes although broccoli is still loved everyday.

This week it seems like Lyra has less enthusiasm for moving than she did last week. It’s almost like she was getting frustrated that she wasn’t moving as quickly as she’d like so has stopped trying for her. When she does drag herself across the floor she whines and cries the whole way like someone is forcing her! I’m guessing she won’t really try again until she feels like she’s mastered it. It’s so interesting to see her little character develop. Lyra did learn a new little trick this week which she’s pretty proud of and that’s working out how to go from lying on her belly to sitting up. This and a little bum shuffle are definitely her favourite means of movement at the moment.

Another cute little thing that Lyra has learnt this week is how to clap. Well, kind of. She opens one hand but keeps the other in a fist and hits them together in what could be quite a threatening move (if she wasn’t eight months old and ridiculously cute). I can’t help but laugh every time she does it which of course makes her do it more although frustratingly I haven’t managed to get it on camera yet!


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