Weekend Adventuring: Lyra’s first trip to London

This past weekend Matt and I decided to head up to London with Lyra to meet up with family. My brother has lived in London with his girlfriend for the past couple of years but we’d been a little slack with going to visit since I became pregnant last year so we were really excited for our little day trip. We left our house at 7am which was way too early for my little lie in loving daughter (and me) but as soon as she was wrapped up and in the Ergo she was happy.

Lyra loved the train journey mainly because there were lots of people to stare at. And I mean stare. She can look at one person for five minutes straight without smiling, it’s quite disconcerting when she does it to you! Also, in true Lyra style, she tried to lick everything. Now, I am far from a germaphobe but I draw the line at letting my daughter lick a train arm rest or seat tray. Yuck.

Once we were in London we met up with my brother and his girlfriend and headed out to grab some breakfast. Lyra loved sitting in the high chair and sucking on some toast, joining in with our conversations with her babbling. She really was a delight. After a very leisurely breakfast we headed down on to the underground to the V&A Museum of Childhood. I was a little nervous about taking Lyra on the underground, especially on a Saturday but again Lyra was completely unconcerned by it. In fact, somehow the experience put her to sleep both times we went on it.


The V&A Museum of Childhood was so much fun. I think we all enjoyed it more than Lyra but there was still lots for her to see and she enjoyed watching the other children there. Her favourite bit was the sensory area, I think that she could have sat there all day if we’d let her. We’ll definitely be taking Lyra back there when she’s a little older as there was so much to see and lots of activities for children. Another thing that was a lovely touch in the museum was the amount of seats dotted around. It’s a random thing that I never noticed before in a place but now with a little one that wants feeding at the drop of the hat it’s a very welcome thing.

Once we’d seen everything we could in the museum we picked up some lunch and took a walk through Regent’s Park which was lovely. Lyra still loves looking up at the leaves on trees and I know it won’t be long until all of the leaves have fallen so I’m soaking up these little walks now. I don’t know if she’ll enjoy them as much in the Spring as she’ll be that much older which is a little sad to think of but also exciting to wonder about what will fascinate her then.

We had such a lovely day in London and the only problem was that it ended so soon! We’re definitely planning to head back over next year and hopefully stay for the weekend so I’m already be looking for fun places to take Lyra to then.

Here are just a few more photos from our day:

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