Starting Solids…

Introducing solid food into Lyra’s diet was something I was very excited about. I loved the idea of her in her high chair experiencing all of these exciting foods for the first time and I was so excited that we introduced baby rice before she was six months old. Well, we did for all of about three days and then we realised that she was neither interested nor ready yet so we stopped and sat on our hands for a couple more weeks.

When we felt that Lyra was really ready for solids we decided to start again, only this time we didn’t bother with the baby rice. We decided to purée some vegetables for her instead because the baby rice looked bland but I was so terrified that she was going to choke on anything else. She loved the vegetables! We’d give her the same kind for a couple of days in a row and that I added something extra to the mix or changed it up completely. For example, for a few days she’d have sweet potato and then we’d add spinach or apple. Her favourite breakfast was banana and cinnamon (still is), which could sometimes be a little runny so we added the baby rice that we’d already bought and that worked well.

The face Lyra makes every time she sees something new to eat!

After about a week of this we felt that adding some finger foods would be really beneficial for Lyra. She loves being in control of any situation and so we knew she’d enjoy feeding herself. And enjoy it she does. I have to admit that I am still extremely nervous every time I give her something and the hardest part of this whole process is trying not to show it. I desperately want Lyra to have a happy and healthy relationship with food and I can definitely feel the responsibility for this on my shoulders. She has yet to refuse anything we give her though and since we’ve introduced finger foods she most certainly prefers that over purée although she won’t say no to either. 

Fruit and vegetables still make up the bulk of what we’ve been feeding Lyra but she has had bits and pieces of what we’ve been eating as well as some corn puffs and baby biscuits. I definitely have plans of other things to start introducing such as ‘pastry pin-wheels’, egg bites and crab cakes, amongst others. This weaning business is very messy but it sure is fun! We’ve been giving Lyra a cup with water in as well at meal times although the bulk of her intake is still milk from breastfeeding, which she has shown no signs of reducing yet. I’ve got to say I’m pretty happy about that as I love nursing her and it takes the pressure off of our weaning journey as I know she’s still getting all of the goodness she needs from my breast milk.

Once I start feeding Lyra proper meals and try some of the recipes I’ve ‘pinned‘ for her I may post some photos of her plates on here. I really can’t wait to see what sort of food she likes the best. What foods have been the biggest hits with your little ones? I’d love to know!

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