Contrary to what seems like everyone else on the internet I’m not that big on Halloween. Sure I love sweets and I enjoy fancy dress but for some reason Halloween has never been something I celebrated in any way other than a drunken night out with friends. This year, however, I had Lyra. And with Lyra I’m always looking for ways to celebrate her firsts. And so I found myself looking for little costumes for a holiday I don’t really celebrate just because I felt that I should mark Lyra’s first Halloween in some way.

We still didn’t go all out. We welcomed trick or treaters on Friday and then yesterday Lyra put on a little (store bought) costume and we went to a friend’s party. It was fun and Lyra looked cute and I’m glad we did it but I’m certainly not a Halloween lover (yet)!

Here are a few more photos of our low key Halloween.

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