Christmas Gift Guide: Nursery Decor

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I’ve once again been doing some Christmas window shopping and thought I’d share another little gift guide with you. My first, about books, can be found here. I know that Christmas with little ones is usually all about toys but I definitely think there’s something nice about thinking outside of the box sometimes.

When, like me, you have a baby at Christmas buying presents can be a little difficult. There are only so many toys they can handle without becoming overwhelmed and the gifts going to waste and so special items for their nursery can be a great alternative. At other times in the year I may feel a little guilty spending money on wall decor, even prints as pretty as the ones here, but I feel much more justified when buying them as a gift. And really, what better present could I give Lyra than a beautiful, happy space to call her own?

Fun decor items such as these cute animal mirrors would be a great gift for toddlers as well, I think you could have lots of fun making faces (and taking photos) in them. Cushions like this mermaid one are practically soft toys as well so would lovely lying around after your child has been playing with them!

What do you think of my choices for nursery gifts? Next up will be clothing!

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