Christmas Gift Guide: Books for Little Ones

I’ve been thinking about Christmas. I mean, that’s OK now right? It is November after all. In fact I think I may be behind a lot of you in my Christmas shopping! It’s Lyra’s first Christmas and although there are so many toys to choose from (and we have bought a few of them), I wanted to look at others things as well. And since I’m looking anyway I thought I’d share some of my favourite things with you guys. I started my online window shopping with books (of course) and here’s a few that I really like the look of. Although I’m looking for Lyra, all of these would work for toddlers as well.
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I love children’s books, there are just so many good ones out there at the moment. Lyra always gets a story at bedtime and then we’ll look at others throughout the day. I like a good storybook with beautiful illustrations like Stars and Spork for bedtime as since she’s (usually) calm I don’t need to worry as much about her grabbing and trying to eat the pages! Of course no book wish list would be complete without an Oliver Jeffers book, I have a slight obsession with his books.

I don’t ever want books to seem off limits to Lyra though so a strong board book is needed for the daytime. This way she can pick them up, put them in her mouth and bang them about without me worrying about her breaking them. A Bit Lost is one of our favourites for during the day so Oh No, George had to be on the list as it’s by the same author. We also love the BabyLit books and I love the idea of the Wizard of Oz being a colour primer so Lyra can learn as we read and look at the book together.

Since it will be Lyra’s first Christmas we’ve been thinking a lot about traditions we want to start with her. When I was little we always used to get a Christmas themed story book on Christmas Eve and that’s something I’d really like to continue with Lyra. We already own Olivia saves the Circus and so I was pretty excited to see that there is an Olivia Christmas storybook. This one may have already found its way into my Amazon basket.

So there we have it. My first little gift guide. What do you think of the books that I’ve chosen? Are there any books that you feel would be good for Lyra’s first Christmas?

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