Adventures in Fatherhood: The Introduction

This blog is primarily an online journal for Lyra and future children to look back on one day, to see what we got up to in their early days and how much they were loved from the very beginning. I feel that, to do this properly, their Daddy also needs a voice here. So this is the first of (hopefully) many guest posts by Matt – 

I’m now thirty weeks into this adventure of fatherhood and it is
probably about time that I expressed my thoughts and feelings about the
experience. Hopefully this will be a semi-regular feature, but first a
little bit about me. My name is Matt and I’m married to Amy, my best
friend and partner in crime, and dad to Lyra. I am a thirty-something IT
Systems Administrator specialising in server virtualisation (I blog about it here), voracious reader, avid film fan and used to be a cinema manager.

a dad has been the most amazing and daunting thing I have had the
privilege of doing. Lyra has given me new perspective and enabled me to
see and enjoy the world anew. The flip side of the coin is the
incredible responsibility that I now feel. She is wholly dependent on me
and Amy for everything and like all new parents you can’t help but
worry about whether you are doing it right. Is she warm enough? Is she
sleeping right? Are we feeding her a nutritious and varied diet? However
overall the joy she has brought into my life far outweighs the worry. I
have loved being a father from the very second the midwife handed her
to me and now cannot imagine my life without her.

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