32 Weeks Old

I can’t believe how grown up Lyra is looking these days, she seems to have gotten taller this week and is now in a mixture of 6-9 and 9-12 month clothing. We’ve all been battling colds this week so things have been a little slower around the house but Lyra hasn’t let her slow her down. She’s even learnt a couple of new tricks…

On the way back from London she gave Matt and I her first kisses! It was pretty much the cutest thing ever and I may have even had a little happy cry. Of course now she won’t do it on demand but we have managed to coax a few out of her since. I love them! She really leans towards us with her mouth wide open and seems so happy with herself when she’s given us one.

Lyra is also on the move! She hasn’t quite managed crawling yet but she can push and pull herself along on her belly. She is always heading straight for the things she’s not allowed to touch so I’m not looking forward to her being able to move any quicker. Lyra can push herself up to her hands and knees as well but can’t quite work out how to make everything move in the right way. She was getting so frustrated by it, it’s so hard to watch, so I’m glad that she can now at least move around a little on her belly.

Despite the sleepness nights due to illness this week has been so exciting and I’m sure she’s going to be crawling in the next few weeks. We are also now in the countdown to Lyra’s first Christmas! I can’t wait.

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