30 Weeks Old

This week Lyra moved out! Well, she moved into the nursery anyway. The room is still not finished and it’s definitely too cramped in there now with a double bed and a cot but it was past time that Lyra moved into her own room. She is not liking it much at all but since she wasn’t sleeping properly anyway, we haven’t really lost anything. I’m hoping she gets used to it soon and starts sleeping. Please!

You can probably see in the photo that Lyra is grubby and has biscuit on her face. It was the only way I could bribe her to sit for this weeks photo, I’m certainly not looking forward to trying to take these once she’s mobile! Also, I never truly appreciated how difficult it is to keep a little one clean. It seems like she’s constantly getting grubby, I can’t imagine how difficult it will be when she gets a little older. Lyra is still really loving her food, we’re feeding her less and less purée as she enjoys the finger food so much better. This week I made some spinach pinwheels and little quiche bites for her and she loved both of them. Hearing her make happy noises whilst eating makes me smile so much, watching her throw it on the floor, not so much.

Lyra has started giggling much more this week, I love it. I keep catching her just staring at one of her toys and laughing to herself. She will also randomly giggle at us when we’re doing something silly but she rarely laughs at the same thing twice. That leaves Matt and I left looking like idiots whilst Lyra stares down her nose at us more often than not. Our little girl is becoming such a character and I love it!

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