Weekend Adventuring: A Weekend Photo Project

When I first went on maternity leave, before Lyra was born and we knew
she was a she, we went to visit Matt’s Mum at her house in Wales. She
had been digging around and had found some of Matt’s baby things.
Amongst them were a little navy romper and a wooden rattle. I recognised
them immediately from a photo cube that had been sitting on Matt’s desk
in the flat when we’d first got together. It had moved with us to our
house and was at that moment sat in the future nursery. We took them
(and some other bits) home with us, all the time daydreaming and
imagining what our future child would be like. Whilst we were feeling
the little one kicking away, feeling like it wanted to break out, we
decided that when our baby was big enough to fit in that romper we would
recreate those photos in that photo cube and create one of our own.

We’d almost completely forgotten about our little plan. When we had
made it we’d felt like the day that our baby would fit into such a big
item of clothing and be able to sit up was so far in the future. We
couldn’t imagine that this bump of mine would really be like and so the
day snuck up on us. As we were sorting through Lyra’s clothing
yesterday, getting the 6-9 month things out and packing the 3-6 ones
away we found that navy romper except suddenly it didn’t seem so big
any more. In fact we worried that Lyra had outgrown it already, that we
had missed our chance.

Today we managed to fit her in it and recreate those photos. That
little plan of two people on the brink of a life changing event, of
parenthood, came to fruition. The pictures came out better than I ever
thought they would. I love seeing little Lyra next to little Matt, in
the same navy romper, with the same wooden rattle.

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