Weekend Adventuring: The Eden Project

At the weekend we drove down to Cornwall to visit family. Lyra is starting to complain in the car much more now so we decided to head down on the Friday evening at her bedtime in the hope that she’d sleep the whole way. It was a (mostly) successful plan as she only grumbled for the first half hour which left Matt and I to chat and hang out together for the rest of the drive. One of my favourite things to do before Lyra was born was to travel in the car with Matt, something about the experience always encourages the best conversations.

Anyway, we made it to Cornwall late on the Friday and on the Saturday we decided to head to the Eden Project. I’ve been once before and seeing as Lyra’s favourite things include being outside and looking at leaves I was really excited to take her! As we expected she absolutely loved it. We took it in turns carrying her in the Ergo so she’d be up at our height and we could show her all of the different plants.

Even though it was half term and there were lots of Halloween activities on, we didn’t feel like it was too crowded at any point. We were able to wander around at our own pace without slowing anyone else down which is always a plus. For lunch we stopped in the Mediterranean biome and split a couple of pizzas. Lyra is far from pizza eating right now but she sat in a high chair and amused us through our meal by being super cute. She tried a drop of lemonade off of Matt’s finger and the faces she made were so sweet. I managed to capture a couple of them below. 

I don’t think she’s a fan! Haha. The lemonade was made in Cornwall with real lemons and so was sharp and very, very tasty which made me glad that it will be a few years yet before I have to share with my daughter. We ended up spending about 5 hours in total, just walking around and eating lunch, and Lyra didn’t grumble at all. She took a couple of naps in the Ergo but most of the time she was alert and curious, it was such an amazing day. The tickets that you buy for Eden Project are actually year passes so we will definitely be heading back before they run out. I’m already imagining a little toddler Lyra tottering around looking at all of the plants next Summer. We’ll still be taking the Ergo though as the place is so, so big! There’s also a zip wire now that stretches the length of the Eden Project which I have my eye on, I’d love to zoom above those big biomes looking down at all of the visitors.

Here are just a few more photos of our day…

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