Raindrops on the Window

Raindrops on the window. So beautifully ordinary. Yet watching them
can bring up so many feelings. Frustration at plans that will have to be
cancelled. Gratefulness at being inside in the dry and not stuck out
there in the rain. Even a sense of security at being protected from the
elements. I can often feel all these and more when sat watching the rain
fall against a window but I must admit it’s been a long time since I’ve
felt wonder.

Watching Lyra stare at the window fascinated by the raindrops forming
and falling there, I caught some of her wonder. She reached out smiling
and giggling and I felt myself drawn closer to the window staring at
the individual drops in a way that I hadn’t since my own childhood. We
stayed that way for a while, all plans forgotten, and just enjoyed the
moment. That special, extraordinary, ordinary moment.

Having a child is such a gift but it is also an amazing opportunity. A
chance to see the world with fresh eyes. To once again discover the
wonder in the everyday moments. I will forever be grateful to Lyra for
making me a mother and giving me this chance.

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