Letter to Lyra

Lyra my love,

I’m supposed to be packing right now, we should actually be in the
car on the way to our first holiday but never mind. As usual, since you
came along, things are a little behind schedule. I think you’ve come
down with your first cold, you were up every hour during the night and
your usual smiley self is nowhere to be found this morning. Right now
you’re cuddled up asleep on my lap and I’m writing this little letter to
you (one handed) instead of the packing that needs to be done. Instead
of getting the house in order, I’m holding you close and comforting you
when you cry out.

We’ll be on the way eventually. We’ve booked a little caravan for a
few days, nothing fancy but I’m excited to spend some time as a family
of three. You and your Daddy are both ill, the weather is supposed to be
terrible and I’m exhausted but I really hope that we have a good time
regardless. It may seem that the odds are stacked against that happening
but I’m reminded of something I read the other day…

Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure

So we’ll head into it with the right attitude and just laugh off
everything that may go wrong. I know you won’t remember the holiday but
your Daddy and I will and I want to start making memories now. I want to
fill your days with little adventures and fun. I hope that’s something
you are surrounded by your whole life.

I love you little Lyra,

Very Much So xx

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