Letter to Lyra: 6 Months Old


This week you turned 6 months old. Six months, half a year, how can
that be?! It feels like only yesterday that you were placed in my arms
for the first time, when you took your first breaths and I began my new
life as a mother. Your mother. You were 11 days late and I’d begun to
think (irrationally) that you’d never come out. When I started my
contractions on the Monday I was so excited to think that it was
actually happening, that I was about to have you. Little did I know that
I had another 3 days to wait. Three long and painful days, and even
then you didn’t want to come out, you ended up needing a helping hand.
As long and overdue and slow as your entry into this world was you have
been the complete opposite in your approach to life so far. It’s like
you’re making up for lost time. Since the beginning you’ve been
determined and eager to reach the next milestone. You were never content
to lie there and watch the world go by, you wanted to sit and reach and
grab. You are an absolute delight to watch, your curiosity about the
world evident in everything that you do. I hope you never lose that
curiosity. Or your determination because with those two things you could
do anything.

I could write for days about how much my life has changed for the
better since you arrived or how much I love you but I won’t. Not here.
Instead I’ll make sure that you always feel it. That you always know in
the little moments, and the big ones, just how much you are loved.

Thank you for an amazing six months little one, I’m really looking
forward to the next six. Because something tells me you’re just getting

I love you Lyra,

Very Much So xxx

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