Holiday Adventuring

We’re back from our first little family holiday. We booked it back at
the beginning of the year before Lyra was born and since we had no idea
what life with a 5 month old baby would be like we chose somewhere
close to home. In the run up to last week I was starting to wish we’d
been a bit more adventurous with our destination choice but when Monday
rolled round I was relieved. Lyra had her first cold and was grumpy and
clingy with it. Sleep for me was non-existent all week as I nursed Lyra
more than usual and held her upright against me so she could sleep. This
meant that we took a very relaxed approach to the week and our
activities, and to be honest it worked out really well.

I loved watching Matt spend time with Lyra and she seemed to thrive
from his attention. We spent time relaxing in the caravan, just playing
and being together, as well as going on little day trips which I’ll post
about separately. As we were about to leave on Friday we discovered
that Lyra had cut another tooth, no wonder she had been grumpy!

I’m already missing our little caravan, it was so good to spend time
as a family. Matt went back to work today and I’m already counting down
the days until his next time off (at Christmas).

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