Holiday Adventuring: Cheddar Gorge

For our first little day trip we decided to head to Cheddar Gorge to
walk the National Trust trail there. It probably wasn’t a very sensible
plan to do this as I’d only had about three hours sleep the night before
but I’d wanted to go for a while now so I wasn’t about to let a bit of
tiredness put me off. The weather was looking a little suspect and even
rained for a while on our drive over so I was worrying about where we
would eat the picnic we had packed. Once we’d arrived and parked up we
headed to the National Trust shop and were helpfully given a map for the
walk. The assistant also warned us that due to the weather parts of the
walk would be slippery and so we might want to go another way.

The walk up was tough! Especially since I had offered to carry Lyra
on the way up, I wouldn’t have managed it without our Ergo. The view at
the top was more than worth it though, the weather had cleared up and we
were able to have our picnic. One thing I discovered was how difficult
it is to climb over a stile whilst wearing Lyra! I swear it took me
almost 10 minutes of undignified clamouring with Matt helping me to make
it over. Glad there weren’t too many people up there to see me.

I’m so glad we went out despite the lack of sleep and the bad weather.
It turned out to be one of those special days. Lyra slept most of it,
thanks mostly to the upright position that the Ergo held her in, which
meant that Matt and I could wander along holding hands and chatting. It
felt so good to get a chance to reconnect with my husband and I always
find fresh air good for the soul. 

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