Holiday Adventuring: The Aquarium

Whilst on holiday we headed to Weston Super Mare and the aquarium there
for the day. It was a Thursday and the weather was dodgy so everything
was understandably quiet. In fact, when we arrived at the aquarium we
had the place to ourselves which was perfect for us. When Lyra and I had
been to the zoo
last month I’d noticed that the fish were the only bit that Lyra had
shown interest in so I was eager to show her more. Lyra started off in
the pushchair and then, as we realised there was no one else about, Matt
carried her and we lingered at each tank. Lyra loved it! She babbled
away at us and the fish all the while grinning and reaching out. It was
such a lovely experience.
After we were finished with the aquarium we walked along the sea front
(almost being blown away) and headed up the pier. We had fish and chips
because what would a trip to the seaside be without fish and chips and
played in the arcade. It was such a typical British seaside day out and
we had so much fun. It was nice to do something that Lyra could enjoy as
well rather than just being carried around asleep. 

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