Firsts: Brushing Lyra’s First Little Tooth

Since Lyra has been teething this week and her first little tooth has
broken the surface we decided now was the time to start brushing. For
some reason I was pretty excited about this little milestone although
I’m not sure why, maybe I just thought she’d look cute with a toothbrush
(she totally did).

We went through our usual bedtime routine with Lyra and decided to
slot tooth brushing between her bath and getting her all snuggled up in
her pyjamas and sleeping bag.

Lyra did really well with the actual tooth brushing. I thought she’d
cry when we put the tooth brush in her mouth but I think the bristles
actually soothed her gum where the tooth is poking through. The only
real issue we had was that she wanted to grab the tooth brush herself
and shove it to the back of her mouth. I also have no idea how to
encourage her to spit the tooth paste out! Any tips would be welcome, I
only put a small amount on the tooth brush but it does say to discourage
children from swallowing it.

Here are a few more photos from our bedtime routine that night…

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