28 Weeks Old.

I thought I’d go with a little seasonal theme for this weeks photo to mark Lyra’s first Halloween. The little ghost in the corner was painted this week by Lyra herself at a baby group we go to and I think it’s just so cute.

I feel like Lyra has suddenly shot up this week, she seems much longer which, considering our height, isn’t a surprise. I’m sure she’s going to be tall like her Mummy and Daddy. This week has brought it’s own frustrations, Lyra seems so eager to be on the move and is not happy that she’s unable to do it yet. She often lunges forward whilst sitting and is always using Matt and I as a climbing frame. Neither of these things ever end well but it doesn’t stop her doing it again and again!

Sleep is still a sore topic in this house, it’s hit and miss about how long Lyra will sleep at a time, which is messing up my own sleep cycles. She likes to nap in my arms or in the Ergo during the day which leaves me with no chance to nap unfortunately. Instead I have to sensible things like housework. She’s still in her cot in our bedroom at night and maybe that’s part of the problem but the truth is that we haven’t sorted out her nursery yet. Must get on that!

Feeding is going well. We were just feeding Lyra purées twice a day but we’ve started giving her finger foods and she loves that! We’ve yet to find something that she refuses to eat and I’m really enjoying thinking of and planning what to feed her. It is extremely messy though but that’s just part of the fun.

It’s crazy that I’m already writing about feeding Lyra and her trying to crawl and things. It wasn’t too long ago these updates were filled with her first smiles and giggles.

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