27 Weeks Old.

I have to be honest, this week has been our toughest one yet. With Lyra waking every couple of hours during the night and nursing her being the only way to get her back to sleep, I’m starting to worry that I’ve done something wrong. That I’ve messed up her sleep habits some how. Team that with Lyra screaming every time I leave the room or sometimes even when I put her down and it makes one tired Mummy.

The week has certainly not been all bad though. When I’m focusing all of my attention on Lyra she is a delight. She’s giggling more and more, although it still sounds pretty fake at times, and I’m loving her two little teeth appearing in her smile. We’ve started her on some food morning and evening although we’re taking a pretty relaxed approach to the whole thing. She’s loving it though so it’s a fun experience although I’m not enjoying the nappies!

Lyra still kicks her legs when she’s excited and she’s started doing it even when sat down which results in a little wiggle. I love it and spend my days trying to get her to do it over and over again. She’s started throwing herself forward when she’s sitting though which results in her face planting the floor and crying, she’s just so eager to be on the move.

I’m hoping this week coming will bring more sleep for us all!

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