26 Weeks Old

I’m stuck
for what I can say this week without sounding like a broken record. It’s
been another week of teething, no sleep and days full of cute moments.
Her second tooth caught us by surprise at the end of our holiday, we
thought the sleeplessness was all down to her cold but turns out she was
also teething. Poor thing. Now it’s cut I’m hoping she starts sleeping a
little better.

Lyra coped pretty well with Matt going back to work but I think it’s
helped that we’ve had some lazy, cuddly days this week so she hasn’t
lacked any attention. When I have had to get some housework or cooking
done she’s happily sat in the Ergo which is a new development. She used
to get frustrated in the carrier if we weren’t on the move but this week
she just seems content to be close to me no matter what’s happening.

I really can’t believe Lyra turns 6 months old tomorrow. Time is flying by!

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