25 Weeks Old.

This weeks update is a little late as we’ve been on holiday!

This week has been a good one. Apart from the lack of sleep. And the
cold. And despite Lyra being super clingy. There is just something about
having someone else there with you that makes it all much more
bearable. Lyra has loved having Matt around all week and I’m quite
nervous about how she’ll be tomorrow when he heads back to work. She
dealt with her first cold like a trooper, it only really seemed to
bother her at night and it appeared to be more confusion than
discomfort. She wasn’t sure how to cough and she thinks sneezes are the
funniest thing ever now which is pretty cute.

Lyra has also started reaching up to us when she wants to be picked
up which makes her constant need to be held this week much cuter. There
is nothing better than looking down and seeing her little face pointed
up at me with her arms outstretched, I love it.

Sleep has been difficult this week but since she had a cold and was
in a new place I’m not too surprised. Her naps do seem to be getting
more regular now which is nice although she still fights them as long as

The weather has become cooler as well and I’m enjoying dressing Lyra
in tights, jumpers and hats although she is now being mistaken for a boy
more than ever. Oh well. Her hair is slowly growing and although she
now has much more than at birth it’s still difficult to see.

Each new day at the moment is super exciting and I’m loving it (although I wouldn’t say no to a bit more sleep)!

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