Weekend Adventuring: Walks in the New Forest

Whilst we were away at the weekend we headed into the New Forest for a
lovely family walk. We left the lodge quite early so it was still a
little chilly but the sun was out and Lyra with rosy cheeks is pretty
much the cutest thing ever. One of my favourite things about Lyra is her
curiosity and I love watching Matt introduce her to the world. He made
sure to show her the different trees and pass her leaves and twigs to
feel and discover. Being outside with my family is so good for my soul.

I also got slightly obsessed with taking photos of the sun shining
through the trees on this walk. I have about another 20 photos just like
the two here on my computer. One nice thing about being out and about
with other people (other than the excellent company of course) is that
we can get nice photos of the three of us together. Although I did still
take a couple myself with my arm outstretched, I just can’t resist.

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