Weekend Adventuring: Staying Home

Lyra has been having a tough time with teething and this, of course,
means that Matt and I are having a tough time with it as well. Since we
were all very tired and some of us were pretty short tempered (me. I was
short tempered) we decided to have a slow weekend. We did some chores,
the food shop, bought a few things for Lyra, had breakfast out and just
generally enjoyed being together. I find that I need these weekends
sometimes, ones where we have no obligations and don’t really do much.
It makes the busy weekends much more fun although I can feel a little
guilty that we’re not taking Lyra somewhere special every week.

We also received a high chair from Lyra’s grandparents (thank you!) this
week so we thought we’d put her in it at the weekend to see how she’d
react. She loved it! I can’t wait to feed her some meals in it in the
next few weeks. 

So there we have it, another weekend over. Also sorry about the mess in
these photos, we’ve been throwing everything possible at Lyra to keep
her happy. This is real life in my photos, I’m not going to tidy just to
try and capture a prettier moment.

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