Firsts: Lyra’s First Swim

Whilst we were away with my family last weekend we got a chance to
take Lyra swimming for the first time. To say I was nervous is a massive
understatement, I was so sure that she was going to scream as soon as
her feet touched the water. We’ve been battling at bath times with Lyra
since she was born and she’s only just starting sitting without crying
in them in the past couple of weeks so I felt very justified to be
worried about swimming.

The pool was luckily very family friendly, my Grandma was able to sit
at a table on the poolside with a towel and a few toys to keep Lyra
occupied which I was sure would be needed almost straight away. I should
have known better. If there’s one thing that my daughter has shown me
over and over again it’s that I know nothing. She was an absolute star!
She sat quite happily in the pool and enjoyed splashing my Dad and
kicking her legs. She didn’t cry when she splashed water in her own face
or when the water went in her ears. It might have been because my
family all sat around her cheering her on or that the other children
distracted her but she stayed in for almost half an hour before she got a
little too cold to stay in.

We go away again at the beginning of October to somewhere with a pool
so I’ll definitely be taking Lyra swimming again. I just hope she still
likes it when there’s only Matt and I there to cheer her on.

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