23 Weeks Old.

This week feels like the first week in a while where Lyra has changed
a lot. I can’t pinpoint exactly why I feel she’s changed except that
she seems to be doing more things deliberately than before. Noises,
playing and facial expressions all appear to have a little thought
process behind them now although of course there are still some random
movements that surprise even Lyra.

We headed to the New Forest last weekend as you can see in my
previous posts and it really reminded me not to underestimate Lyra. She
was in a new place surrounded by lots of people and she took it all in
her stride. She went swimming for the first time which involved her
having to go under a shower as well which she’d never done before. When
we went out for Sunday lunch Lyra sat in a high chair for the first time
so I could eat with both hands and she did very well. She throws
herself into new things, quietly examining and discovering how they

We’ve had a few issues with sleep this week where it appears she’s
rolled on to her front in her sleep and then woken up annoyed that she’s
stuck. It then takes a while to calm her down and get her back to sleep
again. I have just noticed today that her first tooth has just broken
the surface (!!) so that might account for the interrupted sleep as

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