22 Weeks Old.


I’m all caught up with these finally! Yey. This little lady has so
much personality now, it’s such a joy to see. She can sit up all by
herself and even plays with toys whilst doing so but I still like to be
nearby to catch her as she can topple when distracted or overexcited.
She has not lost any of her determination and if she sees something she
wants which is out of her reach she will throw herself forward to try
and grab it.

Lyra has definitely become more clingy recently and will often whine
or grumble if I move too far away now. This combined with her tendency
to cat nap and feed little and often has left me with no time to get
anything done. Without the Ergo I’d never get anything accomplished.

Somehow Lyra manages to get hold of everything she’s not allowed to
and is so curious. I love watching her try to figure everything out.
When we headed to our baby group she threw herself into discovering
everything new and loved eating the paint!

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