Keeping it Real.

I’ve finished going through all of my photos from our week away and
as I was looking at them I realised something. I am very quick to take
pictures of the good moments and a stranger looking at them would get a
very distorted view of my life.

We had a great time in Wales but it wasn’t without it’s bad moments.
Lyra started the week by being extremely clingy and so, even though I
had willing extra hands to help she only wanted me. I worried that I
would never be able to relax although luckily Lyra settled in after a
while and loved spending time with her Grandparents. Bath time is still a
major problem in our household and always filled with tears, it was no
different on holiday.

The tipi break was a disaster. It was freezing, the tipi filled with
smoke when we tried to warm it up and we generally couldn’t stop
worrying about Lyra’s comfort whilst we were there. Lyra also decided
this was the week she would start disliking the car which was really fun
when we were stuck on the motorway and there was no way I could get to

Apart from these few issues we had a lovely week and I only mention
them because, these few pictures aside, I know my posts about our
holiday will focus on the good. And although that is the way it should
be I want to document it all.

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