17 Weeks Old.

This week has been one of the toughest weeks so far but it’s also
been so much fun, weird right?! Lyra has hit the four month sleep
regression and as I was used to her sleeping right through the night for
weeks it has really been a shock to me. She’s also fighting naps so has
been pretty grumpy all day long. Combining that with bad weather has
left us both less than happy.

That being said when she has given in and napped during the day she
is so much fun. She’s really enjoying sitting and she gets the cutest
proud look on her face when she’s doing it. Lyra has also been blowing
raspberries more and more which is really sweet. She seems to be
learning that the noises she makes has an effect on us and so she’ll
keep making them if we smile or laugh at her.

Lyra is quite difficult to hold on to at the moment as she’s become a
squirmer. She wants to see everything that is going on and will often
throw herself in one direction or another with no warning. Although it
seems like she’s trying to get out of my grasp, as soon as I put her
down she starts crying. I can’t seem to leave the room without her
screaming which has made getting anything done impossible.

So, in conclusion, this week has been tough but good. Yes, I think that’s the best way to describe it.

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