15 Weeks Old.

I really cannot believe how quickly the weeks are flying by now, I
feel like we’ve picked up speed and I’m not sure how I feel about it.
It’s sad that little newborn Lyra is now nothing but a memory but I love
seeing her learning and experiencing new things.

Lyra has become such a wriggler this past week. I’m not sure how
she’s managing to move so much but she’s upside down when I wake up and
check on her in her cot and within minutes she manages to wriggle off of
her playmat. Lyra has also started wriggling a lot more when I’m
feeding her, she’s easily distracted by what is going on around her and
so she often whips her head round leaving me with sore nipples!

Lyra is also still chewing on everything. I’m not sure if she’s
teething or not but she sure has a lot of the signs and often seems
uncomfortable so we’ll see. We’ve bought her an amber teething necklace
just in case and some different teethers to chomp on.

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