13 and 14 Weeks Old.

I’ve started to slack on putting these up but we have at least been
taking the pictures each week, I’m determined to keep that up all year.
These past two weeks have seen such a change in Lyra. She seems much
more in control of her body and will no longer lie still on a blanket or
the playmat, preferring instead to twist and turn. Lyra has yet to roll
completely over but spends lots of time rolling on to each side and
back, especially in her cot in the mornings. She’ll lie quietly rolling
around in the morning, sucking on her hands until Matt or I bring her
into our bed.

I’m not sure what my favourite thing is about this age, it’s probably
her little chuckles though. They melt my heart! The other thing I love
at the moment is how she now holds on when you pick her up. Cuddles have
stopped being so one sided although I’m a long way off being cuddled
back, I love feeling her hand on my shoulder or gripping my top.

This past week has also been the toughest yet though. Lyra is really
fighting sleep during the day which leaves her very grouchy in the
afternoon. The tough week can’t be fully blamed on Lyra though as it has
been really warm here which has left us all a little short tempered!

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