Snapshots of me and my daughter.

Photos of Lyra and I are more rare than those of Matt and our daughter.
Part of this is because I take the majority of the photos in my family
but it’s also because I’m much less confident in front of the camera
now. I find myself covering my face or pulling a stupid expression when
Matt points the camera in my direction. I never really thought about how
I’d feel about myself post baby, I didn’t put on a lot of weight so
(perhaps naively) thought I’d be ok. And for the most part I am. This
new body of mine is just taking a little getting used to, my face is a
little fuller, I have marks where before there were none and my shape
has changed but I’m getting there. Looking at photos like this, I
realise how precious they are and how I need to take more of them
because I don’t see any of my body issues, I just see the love that I
have for my daughter.

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